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But the true star of the show was Samantha Dorrance who played nerdy but talented songwriter Laura. Her vocals were superb, sending shivers up the spine.

Ruth Scammell (The Portsmouth News)  Mayflower Theatre, Southampton


The two who really stood out for me because of their acting skills and wonderful voices were the two young leads David Ribi as Bobby and Samantha Dorrance as Laura.

Amanda Wilkins (Sussex Express)  Congress Theatre, Eastbourne


Leading the action are the young Bobby David Ribi and Laura Samantha Dorrance who are totally believable as uncomfortable teenagers trying to find a place in life, while not realizing that the things they are so desperately searching for are right in front of them. Although they could both very easily pass for mid-teens, they have voices which raise the roof, most evident in their counterpoint duet of “Runaway” and “Who’s sorry now?”.

Paul Lucas-Scott (What's On Stage)  Theatre Royal, Brighton

Bill Kenwright and Laurie Mansfield are to be congratulated on finding so many great singers, led by the note-perfect Samantha Dorrance, a delight as Laura, and David Ribi, as Bobby.

Tony Flood (The Critic)  Congress Theatre, Eastbourne


The woman walking behind me as I left the theatre probably got it right: "absolutely fabulous!" Spot on she was, too.

The whole cast was wonderful, with stand-out performances from David Ribi as Bobby and Samantha Dorrance as Laura

Chris Carra (South Wales Evening Post)  The Grand Theatre, Swansea


Samantha Dorrance was brilliant as love-struck Laura. 'I like him, he doesn't notice me, he's off with someone else, I'll go with someone else, finally we are together'. It's sheer nonsense but, wow, what a voice and a lovely characterization too. David Ribi was equally strong vocally and well cast in the role, a great match to Samantha Dorrance.

Jonpaul Hedge (Herald Express)  Princess Theatre, Torquay


Beautifully paired, there's fine and believable characterisation from David Ribi whose shy Bobby wants to be a hit with the girls. Versatile Samantha Dorrance excels as young Laura, a clever and focused musician who is more than a kid in school uniform.

There are lovely links into numbers including To Know Him is To Love Him, Bobby's Girl and a beautifully orchestrated duet Runaway/Who's Sorry Now (Bobby and Laura).

(South Devon)  Princess Theatre, Torquay


Lead characters Bobby and Laura, played by David Ribi and Samantha Dorrance, proved themselves the true stars with their superb vocals and perfect performances.

Sarah Dale (Worthing Herald)  Theatre Royal, Brighton


Brighton was the first date on the show’s round Britain tour so of course the cast were zinging and sparky with adrenaline. It’s hard to pick out any for special praise, but young Samantha Dorrance (Laura) is going to give Elaine Paige a run for her money soon

Susan King (Sussex Express)  Theatre Royal, Brighton


Despite a uniformly strong company, there are however, two stand out performances, Samantha Dorrance and David Ribi as Laura and Bobby. Both sing with incredible power and range, Dorrance soaring with an emotional rendition of To Know Him Is To Love Him, Ribi showcasing impressive vocals on Roy Orbison’s in Dreams just two of the many highlights from these two. A medley duet of Runaway and Who’s Sorry Now from the pair another highlight. Sung with total conviction, if this pair are examples of the current standard of young performers, the future of musicals is in very safe hands.

Glen Pearce (  Marina Theatre, Lowerstoft

But the true star of the show was Samantha Dorrance who played nerdy but talented songwriter Laura. Her vocals were superb, sending shivers up the spine.

Ruth Scammell (The News)  Mayflower Theatre, Southampton


Laura played by Samantha Dorrance is in perfect voice and the actress understands her character's needs fully and she is an absolute pleasure to watch.

Debbie Parkinson (What's On Stage)  Blackpool Grand Theatre


David Ribi and Samantha Dorrance as Bobby and Laura are flawless and lead the production’s select cast well.

Lyndsey Fineran (Sunderland Echo)  Sunderland Empire


All the singing and music in the show is live and it has to be said all the singing was excellent, especially from Samantha Dorrance as Laura and David Ribi as Bobby

Pam Dixon (What's On Stage)  Empire Theatre, Sunderland


Ribi and Dorrance lead the production beautifully, their swing moves standing out from the crowd and their vocals containing a flawless and infectious quality that, as the lady next to me whispered, sound as strong as a pre-recorded and auto-tuned track.

Rebecca Cohen (What's On Stage)  Liverpool Empire


Samantha Dorrance as Laura and David Ribi as Bobby are the stand-out performances, with their voices conveying the  longing and emotion the show needs to tie the songs together with the plot

Jenny Hogg (Swindon Advertiser)  Wyvern Theatre

The extraordinary young cast is headed by David Ribi as Bobby, who was in fine voice, with an outstanding vocal range and Samantha Dorrance as Laura, his sweet 16-year old. It is hard to believe where such talent comes from at such a tender age, but these youngsters certainly know how to deliver musical theatre at it's very best. Their harmonies are tight, perfectly pitched and a delight to hear.

Alison Norton (Express & Star) Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton


Leading from the front is David Ribi as Bobby. He has the looks of a shy choirboy, but when he sings he becomes pop star material, and he has the ideal partner in Samantha Dorrance, playing the sweet young thing Laura who has a great voice and an appearance to match after abandoning her specs and pigtails.

Gordan Clayton (Behind The Arrars) Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton

Samantha Dorrance as Laura, is a perfect foil where her acting matches a big singing voice.

(Edinburgh Guide)


All of the performers, but particularly Laura (Samantha Dorrance) have the energy and bright eyed bounce perfect for this type of show

Lauren O'Toole (  The Gaiety Theatre, Dublin


The central performances, especially those of David Ribi and Samantha Dorrance, are exceptional. Both have fantastic, powerful singing voices, well suited to the early 60s sound

Simon Cole (What's On Stage)  Pavilion Theatre, Bournemouth


Laura is fabulously played by Samantha Dorrance; from her small frame comes a huge voice and more than any others she captures the periods vocal tone perfectly.

Alexander Ray (Reviews Gate)

The standout performance however was Samantha Dorrance with a touching portrayal of the soon to be 16 year old Laura. Her ability to touch hearts with moving ballads was matched only by her belt voice in the upbeat numbers

Jon Cuthbertson (UK Theatre Network)  Theatre Royal, Glasgow


Samantha Dorrance as Laura is the perfect ingénue with a true, sweet voice.

Judith Phillips (Daily Post)  Venue Cymru


Bev Berridge has drawn sterling performances from her well-dressed company, who bring us energetic, uplifting company numbers, along with good character work where it matters - namely from Tom Yeates, who is a fine Prince Charming and Samantha Dorrance as the kind of Beautiful Cinderella who melts your heart.

(The Stage)  Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury

Peter Pan

Samantha Dorrance, who has previously appeared on The Disney Channel and worked on the set of High School Musical 3, is stunning as Wendy, showcasing her repertoire of singing and dancing skills.

(The Shropshire Star)  Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury

David Ribi & Samantha Dorrance

Dreamboats & Petticoats

Similarly, with her colourful attire and positive attitude, Samantha Dorrance's (Disney Channel, Dreamboats and Petticoats) smiley and bubbly character Tootsie was the perfect love interest for Mr Tumble (although they only refer to them as best friends in the show)

Shamaila Khan (Northern Soul Review)

Samantha Dorrance shone as Tootsie. It was lovely to see her and Mr Tumble interact.

Debbie Talbot (What's Good To Do)

Disney Channel graduate, Samantha Dorrance is charming as wannabe clown, Tootsie

Ruth Allen (Manchester Confidential)


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